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 Flossing Right

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PostSubject: Flossing Right   Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:40 pm

Prius HID
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Once you got the floss between the teeth, you can floss like you always do.

* If you have just put on braces, your teeth will be moving and the gums should be a little loose. When you floss, floss very gently inside the gums too. If they bleed, do not panic, it's normal if it happens once in a while. If your gums bleed a lot, consult the dentist you got your braces from.
* Cleaning your gums when you have braces on is very important. This is where most of the food that you eat gets stuck. In fact the food is what's causing the bleeding of the gums due to tissue swelling and irritation and needs to be cleaned. I might also remind you the foods that you shouldn't eat when you have braces on, they will just make your job harder.
* Do it slowly and softly. Don't apply too much pressure on the teeth, you can hurt your gums or snap the floss.
* Always get an extra amount of floss because you'll need some to maneuver between the teeth and the braces.

So there you have it. Flossing regularly is as important as brushing regularly, especially if you have braces. Although skipping flossing won't get you permanent tooth problems, but it will just increase your workload the next time you floss, not to mention get you bad breath.
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Flossing Right
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