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 Beef and pork communication

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PostSubject: Beef and pork communication    Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:48 pm

This bison walking in need of money drinking too, to make male-boss Heo usury-lending money.
Male pig: you remember to pay both principal and interest me home,
please swear you will pay on time. "Class =" inlineimg "/>
Banteng:, I swear, if I said that wrong, I will not be a cow again, people will curse ... That bag is even greater.
Male pig:

Pigs Bo met a long time.
Bison: a long time I see you did not see progress at all, looks funny, I was fool's fool ...
Male pig: Yeah, well, so that people keep saying I'm as dumb as cows.

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Beef and pork communication
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